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Atwood Hats is proud to introduce Johnny Hiland, a very talented musician who proudly wears the “Kaycee” Atwood Hat. The last weekend in May, Johnny will be in downtown Dallas for the annual Dallas International Guitar Festival. If you are in the area, make plans to attend! We are so honored that Johnny loves the “Kaycee” and we thoroughly enjoy listening to his music. To learn more about Johnny and his music, visit his website: Here is a photo of Johnny playing at the Marty Stuart show last...

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The election is over but don’t expect to see any great changes. We are still dealing with politicians. All politicians of both parties live in the same beltway bubble. They come among us in the heartland to solicit votes and contributions and go back to Washington until the next election. This country is sitting on high center. The government is as sterile as a screwworm fly in Texas. Nothing good is happening. Both parties are blaming the other party for the chaos. There are solutions but nobody is talking about them. Either they don’t care or they have no idea where to start. The people we have elected in either party will never do what must be done. Only the people can make it happen. First of all, we need to impose one six-year term on all politicians. One six-year term would eliminate many problems and at the same time create opportunities to make government better. The way it is now the first thing on a newly-elected politician’s mind is to be re-elected for another term. He starts running again the day after he is elected. Some politicians will sell their soul for a chance to be re-elected. With a six-year term limit a politician could spend the time they spend now soliciting voters and contributions serving the people that elected them. A six-year term would eliminate people looking to go to Washington to build a comfortable nest for a long career. It would encourage people who genuinely want to serve the people and who are willing to go home after six years. If a representative has some good ideas then he can implement them in six years. If he has no ideas he should not be there in the first place. In order to get votes some politicians will say they are in favor of term limits. Knowing all the time their colleagues will not let it happen. There is one way the people can make this change. If the people refuse to vote for someone who will not pledge to serve one six-year term and vote to change the law if elected, it can happen. This can happen only if we the people have the balls to follow through on this. There is another huge problem that needs to be fixed. The way things are now, some politicians are buying the office they are running for. We hear that so and so is going to win in certain places because he has more money to spend. What that means to me is that he has more money to pay for a better PR firm to convince the voters how great he is. What would fix this is a cap on the amount any individual could spend. I don’t know what that amount should be, but it should not be unlimited like it is now. The best situation would be if people running for office had to use the allotted money to go among the folks whose votes they want and find how the people think and what they expect from their representatives. If they can’t do this without hiring somebody to do their job then give them absolutely no consideration. Politicians don’t make great countries, great people make great countries. If our people don’t have the will...

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Loretta Lynn

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Brooks singing with Loretta Lynn On July 5 during her annual Conway Twitty appreciation show. Loretta at the age of 82 still sounds just like the record. Her voice is strong and clear even now as the reigning queen of country music sang hit after hit. She invited Brooks to join her this year to sing “Feelings” a song she did as duet with Conway Twitty. When you get to sing cheek to cheek with an icon, it doesn’t get any better than...

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Customers from Russia!

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Tanya likes her hat! Zolotov Evgenij Western Unit Russia...

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Largest Hat Shipment Ever!

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On May 27th, the Atwood Hat Company warehouse received the largest shipments of hats from the factory than any other time in its history. Normally, we bring two large truck loads per month. This month, we were able to produce enough hats to bring a 53 foot semi trailer loaded with 24,447 hats. We brought in all the ranch hands, our warehouse crew, and Brooks’ crew from the felt shop to help unload.The truck driver thought he could take a long nap while we unloaded… he was wrong! We unloaded more than 24,000 hats in 45 minutes. What a great group of people we have put together to help us do what we...

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Grandkids Working Cattle!

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Atwood Ranch near Frankston, Texas – April 28, 2014. Brooks, Tori, Garrett, Buck and Jake Atwood and two Schackelford boys from down the road. What a crew! They may not have to work when they are grown, but they will know how. No nintendos here! What a thrill for their Papa to watch! – Dick...

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Get to know Sharon Camarillo

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The following is an exerpt from Sharon Camarillo’s biography on her website. She has graciously allowed Atwood Hat Co. the opportunity to post about her. We are so proud to have such a professional represent Atwood Hat Co.!   It has been written many times that I am an accomplished horsewoman. To that, I say that I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to study equestrian skills, establish relationships with industry professionals and have earned the respect of my friends and students that I have had the honor to mentor. My career has encompassed many facets of the western and equestrian world. My signature collections of saddles and tack under the Sharon Camarillo Collection have earned respect in the retail market place. In recognition of my multi-faceted career, the Western and English Manufacturer’s Association presented me with their “Top Hand” award in 2005. The more opportunities I am exposed to, the more I understand our western industry and lifestyle, and the closer I can relate to those who are interested in following in my footsteps. I believe in goal setting as the primary resource to realistically organizing one’s life. As a Southern California raised, “Cowgirl at Heart,” I always dreamed of owning a ranch, including all the things I envisioned that ranch life encompassed: wide-open spaces, horses and cattle. What surrounded my young life were beaches and summer vacations around national parks with my parents. To their dismay, the pack stations and feedlots were the scenery that drew my attention and stirred my interests. After gaining some livestock experience at the San Jacinto Livestock Commission Company, I was able to hone my riding skills. Riding, roping and goat tying college rodeo scholarships helped me graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, a university famous for its rodeo team. My degree is in Agricultural Business and Economics. I believe in the power of education and am proud to commit myself to being a life-long learner. A National Intercollegiate World Championship gave me the confidence and introduction to the world of professional rodeo. Realizing that if I chose to pursue a career as a rodeo competitor, the only event open for women at that time in the professional ranks was barrel racing. I also understood that to be competitive in the sport of professional barrel racing, it would take more skills and better horses than I had to date. So… my journey began. Two of the highlights of my rodeo career were the opportunity to compete with other national finalists at a Command Rodeo Performance for President Reagan and be a guest at the White House, and the chance to travel with a group of top riders selected by Wrangler to compete in an international rodeo in Argentina. The friendships I made in the rodeo business will remain with me forever. After qualifying for four National Finals Rodeos, the decision to retire from professional competition was not difficult for me. I was pregnant with my son, Wade, and I was anxious to follow the road that many athletes take into product design, influential endorsements and media. I was also interested to establish an educational program that could help riders get the most from their horses. I designed my Performance Horsemanship Program to encompass performance evaluation and the mental game...

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Camarillo Meets Palin

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Sharon Camarillo  meets Sarah Palin, while wearing her Atwood hat! As one of the MC’s for the annual Pro Rodeo League of Women NFR luncheon,  I had the exiting and humbling opportunity to meet a woman I have greatly admired for her courage and ability to stand for her beliefs,  Sarah Palin. I was so excited the day I heard she would be a vice president candidate, and was in awe of her resiliency during the attacks the press attempted  during the campaign. I found her to be bright, enthusiastic, personable and truly a woman of character and honor.   Sarah wore her western clothes well, and I was proud to be wearing my Atwood...

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Chris Cagle

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Good morning, Atwood Hat Co. fans! We hope your week is off to a nice start. We recently noticed that country music star, Chris Cagle, has been wearing our hats! This is exciting news for us. We love being represented in Nashville by such a respected artist.  Chris is originally from DeRidder, Louisiana. He was first known for writing songs for David Kersh before signing to Virgin Records Nashville in 2000. Cagle made his debut on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts with the single “My Love Goes On and On”, the first single from his debut album Play It Loud. The album, which was certified gold in the United States, also produced the Top 10 hit “Laredo” and “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out”, his only number one hit. Play It Loud was followed in 2002 by Chris Cagle, released on Capitol Records Nashville. Also a gold album in the U.S., it produced the Top 5 hits “What a Beautiful Day” and “Chicks Dig It”. Anywhere but Here, his third album, followed in 2005 and produced the number 12-peaking “Miss Me Baby”. A fourth studio album, titled My Life’s Been a Country Song, was released in 2008, and its lead-off single, “What Kinda Gone”, peaked at 3 on the country music charts in early 2008. After exiting Capitol in 2008, he signed with Bigger Picture Music Group in 2011. Thank you, Chris, for supporting Atwood Hat Co!...

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Welcome to Atwood Hat Co.!

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Thank you for stopping by Atwood Hat Co., new revised website. We are  very proud of our product and hope that you appreciate the quality of hat we produce. We make hats for the working cowboy. We will be using this blog to post company news, information on upcoming events, and photos of real working ranch cowboys using our hats. If you have any questions about Atwood Hat Co., please feel free to send us an email or pick up the phone and give us a call.    

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