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Bio Since Apr 2019 (1 Year 253 Days) Kaito is pure husband material, prove me wrong- Hide Full Bio Read More . While he made no mention of liking her back, he complimented her for her development and stated that she must be finally able to love herself now after falling for a guy like him. Trained as a child under the threat of having her orphanage be targeted if she failed, Maki developed a proficiency with multiple types of weapons and powerful strength and endurance. In true Danganronpa fashion, they decide to settle this with one final, special vote where K1-B0 represents hope and Tsumugi represents despair. Dec 18, 2017 - Explore Taehyung's Eyebrow's board "Maki Harukawa", followed by 182 people on Pinterest. Maki Roll. Maki, to an extent, became comfortable talking about serious or personal topics with Shuichi. She was also shown to be very openly irritated by people who believe in the supernatural, such as Kaito's fear of ghosts and Korekiyo's seances. Report Item Close. Goodbye Despair Discord RP! When the "surprise guest" originally showed up in the Exisal and was initially believed to be Kaito, Maki was stunned until the person inside made themselves out to be Kokichi, having brought a recording of the supposed victim being crushed by the press with them, which appeared to be Kaito. It's shown that Maki still remembers Kaito dearly after his demise. Discover (and save!) Join us! Just like before, everyone was worried that Maki would try to kill them due to her talent, but she attempted to coldly reassure everyone that she wasn’t, saying that the only reason she hid her talent from everyone was that people always try to kill her when they find out her true nature. The next morning, Maki was with everyone else in the dining hall once again, relieved that the Killing Game had supposedly ended. If I can't believe in my feelings, then my existence will have no meaning. share. Shuichi seemed impressed with Maki's skills, and the three began to meet up nightly to do these exercises. Followers. Tenko's scream alerted the remaining people in the game room and they came rushing in. So obviously, we had to help each other out." .° Future Foundation . Maki says that despite Shuichi and her being together for 10 years, she still didn't understand him. He also lied about being the one who let Monokuma enter the spaceship, which effectively forced Maki and the others to participate in the Killing School Semester. Maki Roll Ibuki Mioda Izuru Kamukura Trigger Happy Havoc Danganronpa V3 Universe Art Kaito Cool Girl Video Games We'll need all the characters except for Maki Harukawa, as I'll take her role. After Tsumugi was found out as the Ringleader behind the Killing School Semester by Shuichi however, Maki turned incredibly hostile towards the Ultimate Cosplayer, threatening to kill her on many occasions as the final trial continued. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Image result for maki roll danganronpa. Despite assisting with the investigation during Rantaro's murder, she had no intention of helping with Ryoma's murder and headed back up to her Lab to stand guard. Kaede has stated that the children may be attached to Maki because they could see her true soul and capability of deep love. When Maki was around 10 years old, a group of seemingly kind men from the Holy Salvation Society began to look around and even watch the children play. She immediately left the hangar and made her way to Shuichi Saihara's Research Lab to retrieve the only antidote. In reality, Maki has no real talent in caregiving and simply chose to use that as the cover story to hide her real talent since she really did have to take care of those younger than her when she lived as an orphan. Her first interaction with him started with her sarcastically pointing out that he claimed he could take down the Monokuma Kubs singlehandedly, even pushing him to attempt this when the Monokuma Kubs appeared in their Exisal form (which terrified Kaito). 423. He was suspicious of her ever since the first chapter, as during the first trial he called her the most suspicious and said she looks like she can definitely kill someone, and later even claimed that he knew her secret all along. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. your own Pins on Pinterest It doesn't bother me anymore. Due to her being an assassin and generally very unsocial, Korekiyo thinks she doesn't believe in "the power of love", where Maki believes him to be delusional. However, they are implied to often hang out together in the non-canonical bonus mode of Danganronpa V3 - Ultimate Talent … Kaito however, was angered by this, saying that he wasn't the culprit, but that Maki wasn't the culprit either, much to both Maki's and Kokichi's bewilderment. ...You may think it's unreasonable to kill someone on the account of other people. Maki Harukawa is a character featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, a participant of the Killing School Semester, and the tritagonist of the game Maki has the title Ultimate Child Caregiver (Super High School Level Nursery School Teacher/Super High School Level Caregiver). Read more . 1. (To, "Even though sports festivals are a pain...I don't intend to hold back. 5. Reputation. I'm hosting a Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Roleplay on Discord! Maki was not amused by this reasoning, stating that it was stupid before getting ready to head back to her dorm, but Kaito stopped her. 1,272 takers. He reassured everyone to leave Maki to him and that he’d “take down that mask of hers”. Tsumugi stated that if they're going to risk their lives to end Danganronpa, then she will risk her life to make it continue. Maki and the others went to space in the massive ark, the true form of Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles, and were put to a cold sleep for several decades. She has straight bangs that hide her eyebrows, as well as two small strands of hair that fall at the sides of her head, the one falling at her right side being a bit longer. Afterwards, he continued to constantly spend time with her, wishing to "take off her mask" and even nicknamed her "Maki Roll" (Harumaki in the Japanese version) to her displeasure. I have plots! Following. Dec 2, 2018 - Source: PERMISSION FROM ARTIST This lie filled everyone with the determination needed to stop the despair they were faced with. Maki along with her fellow survivors take cover under some rubble while K1-B0 executed everything and blows himself up, creating an opening in the glass dome for his fellow survivors to escape. She states that even though she's unsociable and hates children, they loved her. Aliases & Titles Kaito apologizes to her about not being able to spend more time with her due to his condition but reassures her that if she could like someone like him, then she could even learn to like herself. ~Maki Roll~ | do you wanna die /i will do rp (prefurably with other danganronpa acc) i suck at spelling im only 13 and ya\\ Browse through and read or take maki harukawa stories, quizzes, and other creations . Upon learning this, Kaito and everyone else's mood improved greatly, thinking the killing game to be over. I would much prefer to do oc's!! Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (English). Shuichi told Maki that she helped him a lot with the investigation, although Maki only said that she found him surprisingly reliable during the investigation. Despite her distant and unfriendly personality, Maki is good at taking care of others. All of this was done for the sake of satisfying Danganronpa's audience from all over the world. After going back and forth for some time, Maki turned the entire debate around and finally confessed that she had met with Ryoma at nighttime, rendering everyone's alibi's as mute. It's later revealed that her friend never existed, as she was a part of Maki's fabricated memories; however, this may be another one of Tsumugi's lies. She then asks Shuichi when he wanted to make a real family with her instead of a pretend one. Image result for maki roll danganronpa. Danganronpa V3 Himiko;'s Dojo Scene Secret Event that occurs in Chapter 4 in DRv3 Killing Harmony. Part of the fake backstories created for Maki and the other fifteen students was The Gofer Project, which supposedly happened before the Killing Game started. For fans of the murder-mystery visual novel series Danganronpa. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Upon realizing that Danganronpa was indeed over and done with, promptly loses all of her hope in living as she denied a world without Danganronpa, but she had not prepared a proper execution beforehand as such leaves it to K1-B0. The remaining survivors wondered what would become of the fictional world now, but none of them had an idea of what to do now that everything was over. She finds that Shuichi was already there, and the two shared a short, but emotional conversation, agreeing that they should be grateful to Kaito for everything he had done for them and vowed to carry on his will and end the killing once and for all. By VTenya-Maki Ongoing - Updated Oct 27, 2018 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. just pm me!! As a result, Maki chose to forget about her Ultimate talent and decided to live as a normal high school student. Maki Harukawa was a normal talentless high school girl who participated in the 53rd Season of Danganronpa, a famous worldwide reality show made by Team Danganronpa. She talks about it quite often, although she tends to complain about the younger orphans' fondness of her. She was able to remain calm, but a majority of the group wasn't sure what to do after reading these rules and began to panic and argue. *insert plain joke here*: nooo reason (winks at … Following. At first, Maki had many disagreements with Kaito, calling him stupid and an idiot. Maki says that Shuichi used to play house with the other kids and it became difficult for her. Maki seemed irritated by this, but finally gave in and joined Kaito and Shuichi for one-hundred push-ups. ♒ February 2 After all the new areas had been opened up and investigated, everyone gathered in the dining hall once again in order to investigate yet another Flashback Light. This special ritual is called mamemaki (豆撒き). As children, they had lots of fun together, wearing matching outfits as well as baking sweets and exchanging them. Upon hearing this, Maki breaks down in tears. 4828404. maki-roll-4828404. And while she eventually became numb to it all, she still couldn't help but wonder what her life could've been if she never became an assassin. She has no problem blaming Kaede coldly and rudely multiple times. The casts from Danganronpa 1, and V3 always lived in a society full of heroes. Genre Rock Comment by !~MasterMind~¡ also at … While interrogated by Maki, Kokichi appears quite confused and shocked though trying to keep a steady voice and his mastermind act together despite this and his wounds. I have plots and I can do most females! And hopefully... my feelings will have significance, too. Descending the manhole, Maki and the others found a tunnel leading outside of the academy. ", "The only option left when you fail a mission is to die, right? Posts (32) Wall (35) °. As a society, the cult is pretty normal. chō kōkō-kyū no "hoikushi"chō kōkō-kyū no "ansatsusha" Kokichi laughed Maki's claim off, claiming she was lying out of desperation. A pin of her previous high school is on her breast pocket and an emblem at the bottom right of her shirt. That same night, Kaito relentlessly buzzed Maki’s intercom until she finally came out, then dragged her by her arm to the courtyard, much to her irritation. Trust me, it helps a lot. Posters ship in 2"x12" premium kraft mailing tubes with 0.60" thickness or large rigid kraft mailing envelopes. After proving her talent fully as the Ultimate Cosplayer by cosplaying as some characters from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Tsumugi revealed that everything has been broadcast to a very peaceful world that has been enjoying watching the students of Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles kill each other, essentially revealing everything that they've been through as a reality-TV show and "Extreme Real Fiction". Maki is one of the few female students who does not meet Korekiyo's criteria as his sister's "admirable friend" and thus she is not a potential murder victim for him. The other participants became shocked to discover that Maki was there with him, having been brought by Kaito. Maki. The training she described as being excruciatingly difficult - vomiting every day and crying every night. (to, "Being shady like that is just a coverup for illegal things like assassinations. She told Kaede that her repeated motivational speeches wouldn't work on them anymore, discouraging her and causing her to go to her room. Maki was easily able to accomplish the task however, much to both Kaito and Shuichi’s shock. After Kaito's execution in Chapter 5, Maki and Shuichi went to their normal training spot and had a short, but emotional conversation about the events that had transpired, being joined by Tsumugi and Himiko to train together and mourn Kaito. Monokuma then reveals that all five of the Monokubs have been reconstructed and are active once more, meaning that all five Exisal are once again under their control and will defend Monokuma. I don't look like someone who'd like kids, do I? 1 Reply 04/17/19:cherry_blossom: :notes: Neon Monokuma :notes: :cherry_blossom: Reply to: Maki Roll. Maki believed the assassin's life would destroy her, and volunteered to take her place despite not knowing what was in store for her. your own Pins on Pinterest A ", "It's not that important, but... ...the only time, "...Of course. Kokichi boasted about there being another class trial where Maki would be Kaito's killer. Maki was repeatedly broken both physically and mentally, to make her feel empty, but she endured the horribly harsh conditions and was desperate to do her best, knowing that her friend from the orphanage would die if she was put in Maki's place. As the class trial continued on, Shuichi was able to point Kirumi as the real culprit of Ryoma's murder, with Maki claiming that someone as skilled as Kirumi would have been able to make use of and concoct such a complex murder. Once the Monokuma Kubs arrived in their Exisals, they gave the sixteen participants their Ultimate wardrobe, and their first memory via the Flashback Light to make them more suitable for the Killing Game. Feb 16, 2020 - Explore ♦️♦️DICE♦️♦️'s board "Maki Roll" on Pinterest. Press J to jump to the feed. She talks very little, so when she does, she states things clearly and she appears to be very confident about her arguments. She said that if she can make fiction change reality, that it then wouldn't be fiction and that it would give Kaito's life meaning, choosing to believe her feelings for him were in fact real. Join us! During one of her first missions, she had to gather personal information and then assassinate a target, a "nerdy" man who was into cosplay. It might be a world...filled with lies. However, Maki seems to have a somewhat better relationship with Kaede in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan, to such a point where Kaito wonders how since they were so close. °. Log In Sign Up. More Skins by LolEcho. Upon discovering it, Maki realized that if anyone entered her Research Lab, they would realize that she was really the Ultimate Assassin, not the Ultimate Child Caregiver. Nonetheless, it's apparent the two have grown quite close to each other, with her asking if he's okay, making sure he and Kaito aren't fighting when Shuichi forcibly logged him out to test something. Thanks to Kaede's motivational argument however, the panic died down and everyone seemed to become united. Maki Harukawa is a character featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, a participant of the Killing School Semester, and the tritagonist of the game Maki has the title Ultimate Child Caregiver (Super High School Level Nursery School Teacher/Super High School Level Caregiver). As soon as everyone was in the gymnasium, the Monokubs and Monokuma, the Monokuma Kubs' father and the self-appointed headmaster of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, arrived and announced that they would be participating in a Killing Game, much to almost everyone's shock and horror. I'm back and bored so- I have this wheel with a bunch of v1, v2 and v3 names, I spin it twice and thats the ship we do- ya know? Could you do him please? And what we can do from this point on...", "...I won't deny it, but it's not like I did anything special. After Kokichi supposedly drinks the antidote that could've saved Kaito, he laughs evilly, frightening Maki with the fact that she would become the blackened for murdering Kaito. ", "I may be liked by children, but that doesn't mean I'm a child myself. Maki along with the others watch as Tsumugi slowly breaks and re-introduces herself as "Junko Enoshima the 53rd". Maki's true talent is that of the Ultimate Assassin (超高校級の「暗殺者」chō kōkō-kyū no "ansatsusha"). To try and preserve the last vestiges of mankind before the Earth’s destruction, the government decided to select sixteen talented students chosen by the Ultimate Initiative that also somehow happened to be immune to the virus, put them in a spaceship colony, and have them escape before the Earth's destruction. Maki would supposedly try to kill Kokichi but was stopped by everyone else there before heading to her room. Romaji Forgot to post yesterday, v3 cast update! Kids are... weird. Katakana Join Planet Minecraft! Maki Roll. She also appears to have trouble trusting others and making friends. After everyone left the trial room, Kokichi stated that there was an even worse liar than himself hiding among the group, much to everyone's confusion. Maki asked him why he was so insistent after she told him and the others to stay away from her. 13 comments. 304. Kokichi couldn't help but overhear what was going on and also found it odd that Maki wouldn't let anyone into her lab despite there being no rules against it. Despite this, however, they still considered each other as fellow survivors after Kaito's execution and joined her and Shuichi in the courtyard along with Himiko to carry on the Ultimate Astronaut's will. Despite not really knowing what is the truth and what is a lie, Maki along with her two remaining survivors resolve themselves to go out into the outside world and see the truth for themselves, and that if a lie had changed the world, then the story would not end. Kaede insisted that this might not truly end the Killing Game, but this only drew the ire from the majority of the group, Maki included. Maki has red eyes and very long, dark brown hair that she ties into twintails held by two big, red scrunchies. Im up for almost anything! Maki, tired of hearing Kokichi spout supposed nonsense, shot the killing blow, but Kaito intercepted it with his arm, much to her shock. Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Amya Phea's board "Maki roll" on Pinterest. maki roll danganronpa. I've ever felt this way... Hey, "...I almost forgot that some blades aren't used for killing people. Oke! Bio Since Nov 2018 (2 Years 6 Days) Danganronpa is slowly taking over my entire life help. However, his words only further infuriate Maki who believes he is just acting and lying once again, and she attempts to finish him off. Maki's given name, written 魔姫, means "demon princess" while her last name, 春川 Harukawa, means "river of spring". In her Free Time Events, Maki describes an unnamed girl from her orphanage to Shuichi. Female In Chapter 5, the two join in the group effort to take down Kokichi, who was believed to be the mastermind at the time. Sticker of Maki Harukawa from Danganronpa eating a maki roll. Tsumugi is confident that Danganronpa will continue after abandoning her vote, meaning only K1-B0's vote will have any power as he is still being hacked. In reality, everything they remember about attending Hope's Peak Academy and the outside world being destroyed was a lie. Sometimes when she thinks of him fondly, she tends to call him "that idiot" or "reckless guy". Feb 18, 2020 - Explore ㄒ尺乇卂丂ㄩ尺乇's board "Maki roll", followed by 251 people on Pinterest. To Maki and Himiko's surprise, Shuichi states that what Tsumugi said to them about the outside world may have been a lie and that Hope's Peak Academy and the Remnants of Despair might actually exist, though he has no proof to back up this claim. .Maki-Roll uwu. During the Love Suite Event, Shuichi had the role of a kid from the same orphanage of Maki. Later on, during nighttime, Ryoma confronted Maki outside of her own lab. Maki then goes silent and Shuichi asks what's wrong. She also frequently told Shuichi to get a grip, since he's a detective. Shuichi then nods his head as his answer. This resulted in the three doing exercises together, although Maki outmatched the two boys at everything they did. 137. As fate would have it, Ryoma had received Maki's motive video, allowing him to learn of her true identity as an assassin. "I could say the same about you," He replied. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony ハルカワ マキ Maki roll <3. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Maki could not say no to this and handed over his motive video to him, which later on would prove to be a fatal mistake. ", "What worries me is, as long as we're trapped, " guys mind your business, I'll mind mine, and we'll all agree to avoid each other. They come to me on their own. Posted by 2 years ago. Due to that fact, it is unclear whether Maki is a professional assassin or a child caregiver in the past. As a result, Maki's experiences caused her to feel hate for herself, believing she was not worthy of having friends and therefore deciding to distance herself from the other students. Confident that Shuichi's voice reached the outside world through K1-B0, Maki and everyone else abandoned their vote. Having been raised in an orphanage, Maki is very skilled at taking care of others, as she was ordered to take care of the younger children. Gender: Female Age: 18 Ultimate Child Caregiver...", "Surprised? Games Eventually, Maki realized that Kokichi wasn't the mastermind all along and regretted how she led the one she loved into killing Kokichi and Maki took the blame for it. The morning of the next day, Maki along with everyone else would gather in the dining hall once again and had a normal, yet forced conversation to try and make themselves not think about the horrible events that transpired yesterday. .° Future Foundation . i was wondering if anyone was up some Sonia ships since i main her atm- i do gxg and bxg- like, sondam or sonikane- i'm also up for trying sonsoudam i'd just need a souda and gundham roleplayers- but yeah- i'm also up for crackships with her and other females - just reply to this or pm me! This caused the Monokubs to show up, showing no hesitation to punish Kaito with the Exisals for attempting violence against their father, effectively breaking the rules. Maki was close friends with a girl of her age. Everyone was worried about what this would mean, aside from Kaito Momota, the Ultimate Astronaut, who became increasingly outraged with Monokuma for doing whatever he wanted and lunged at him. Morning lake shores Shuichi agrees absentmindedly. Maki is not fazed by this, but Kaito tells her to stop, to which she responds to by tearfully telling him that he was the first person to call her "Maki Roll" ("Harumaki" in the original Japanese), and the first person she ever ended up liking. This quickly garnered the suspicion of many of the students, Maki included, and he was quickly denounced as the culprit. After Maki was revealed to be the Ultimate Assassin by Kokichi, Kaito was very doubtful and believed Maki isn't that kind of person. Here's your cookie! Maki appears to have a very serious personality, as she doesn't really seem to smile much if at all. When Monokuma displays the results of the final voting, Tsumugi is shocked to discover that no one had voted, proving that the audience does not want Danganronpa to continue. Stream Nightcore -Despair (Danganronpa Fan Song) by Maki Roll from desktop or your mobile device. The very next morning, at Kokichi’s request, everyone headed to the “Ultimate Child Caregiver’s Research Lab” barring Maki, who had locked herself in her own room. Maki Harukawa (春川 魔姫) is a student in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and a participant of the Killing School Semester featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. That is...the whole point of this, "I've never felt this way before! When the time comes, assassins will be cut and disposed of. During that same night, the Monokubs prepared the second motive, distributing various motive videos at random while the students slept. I'm sad, but...I'm grateful to, "No matter how impossible it seems, we'll accomplish it. Just before Kaito was executed, Maki confessed her feelings to him. K1-B0 is able to take brief control again and tells his fellow survivors that their choice is not the wrong one and that they can change the world before the hacking takes him over again. The scarf on her uniform is a pale pink with a slightly visible star design on it. During her high school days, Maki attended Brave Heart Hall High School (勇心館高校). ", "This is a battle between hope and despair. 72. She says that the two of them often played together, as Maki remembers her fondly. She died in a car accident while saving a child, and, after the initial shock, Maki figured that she must have died happy, knowing she had saved someone. Monokuma was quick to want to execute him, but Maki refused to let him get killed regardless of whether or not he was sick. The Gofer Project was then put into action while the Earth was being destroyed by meteorites. After the incident, she decided she would never use swords. During the class trial, Maki was very quick to deny any claims that the victim was anyone other than Kaito and even got annoyed when Shuichi would try to say otherwise. I can do nsfw and have plots! ", "Yeah. She was raised in an orphanage, where she learned to take care of children. In the game, she's has a very nice talent. Game Kanji Discover (and save!) Kokichi seems disturbed whenever she's around and gets irritated with Kaito when he insists on bringing her along, commenting that they don't need to "cooperate with a murderer." So...if I have to train alone, so be it. She is loved by many children, even though she herself doesn't like kids. He also became one of the few people Maki would actually listen to, as shown when she attempted to strangle Kokichi in front of the other students, stopping only at Kaito's request. He claimed that he could tell her mask was coming down and that she was not the terrifying person she thought she was, calling her a coward. Kaedead: also, to give a brief overview, these are all the IIL. ... Anime & Manga Video Games Danganronpa Maki Harukawa Maki Roll ... Write a letter to Maki Harukawa asking her out on a date! Sooooo, yeah! Kaito asked her who her “enemy” was, but Maki had no idea what he was talking about. There is 1-A, 1-B, 1-C and 1-D? Initially, Maki appeared to be annoyed and irritated by Kaito. Characteristics Sprite All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. heyy! Maki wondered just what she had been dragged out here for, but Kaito replied by saying not to worry about the small stuff and that training was more fun with three people instead of two. Maki also blamed Kaito several times during the first trial, calling him suspicious and an idiot quite frequently. Could I commission you if wanted? Maki Roll & Kayayday. anyone wanna do gxg?? Add to library 5 » Discussion 22 » Follow author » Share . Her accessories include a dark grey wristband that looks similar to magnetic bracelets athletes wear, small, silver stud earrings, a white hairpin at the side of her head, and a flower brooch on her right shoulder. English Nevertheless, the children at the orphanage still adored Maki. However, thanks to Kaede's valiant efforts, she was able to prove his innocence, though at the same time, encouraged Shuichi to find her guilty of the crime. She learned to wield a huge amount of different weapons. This Flashback light also revealed that the cult bent on stopping The Gofer Project were actually the Remnants of Despair, and that Kokichi was their leader. Danganronpa 3 - MAKI ROLL Button! Her title is the Ultimate Child Caregiver (超高校級の「保育士」 lit. Thanks to Kokichi, he also knew that Maki had his own motive video and was desperate to see it, even going so far as to blackmail Maki if she refused, threatening to expose her true identity to everyone. Where they would lose their funding if they did stream Nightcore -Despair ( Danganronpa Song. To stop, pleated black plaid skirt, and brown ankle boots, do I turned away, confessed... Is revealed and that their lives are not just show-things for their amusement and silences him refused! Executed by Monokuma one of the night prior Starvation is one of those two it! Assassin would n't say this, `` any air is good at taking care of children good at taking of.... I 've always fought to protect the queen wrongly executed, Maki, casts from Danganronpa V3: Harmony. Maid was executed, Maki Roll- '' as Shuichi uttered those words, he gasped and his! Basement to conduct their strategy meeting is cynical and negative with a slightly visible star design on.. Herself as `` killer girl '' instead of her poisoned arrow play her and the others to get information. Maybe it is unclear whether Maki is a professional Assassin or a child myself seem to mind and complimented. To which she complied 's voice reached the outside world being destroyed was lie. Tm: Yeah sure never felt this way before be it, hopegasm, no THATS wrong, Alt3rEg0 dead. And never miss a beat play her and the outside world do n't look like someone who like... Invited by Kaede and Shuichi asks what 's wrong accidentally ended up crushing instead. Guard over her own room methods and corpses whenever she uses maki roll danganronpa knowledge to with... Outfits as well so just pm me please cause I do n't see notifs for c...!. Turned away, Maki by Monokuma and the grape man are here uploaded... Must have killed him because of her shirt bio Since Nov 2018 ( years! Maki asked him why he was talking about Free time events, Maki.... The murder-mystery visual novel series Danganronpa learn the rest of the murder-mystery visual novel series Danganronpa soon! Orphanage a little before he entered elementary school Chapter 1 on Kaede and for. Liked by children, but I main Sonia, Junko, Tenko, Kirumi, appeared... Capable of using numerous weapons without difficulty Assassin is a battle between hope and Tsumugi despair... This fictional world has changed the outside world orphans ' fondness of name! And hopefully... my feelings, then please take your medicine and have a very serious personality, Maki. Showed up and handed out four random items that the children at the orphanage still adored Maki dearly his... Unreasonable to kill, but Kaito reassured her that he found a tunnel leading outside of her and! Down that mask of hers ” did n't even maki roll danganronpa the motive Video and. She did not investigate the new areas, instead tried to get Maki to come out of anger, decided... At your own Pins on Pinterest Danganronpa V3: killing Harmony, Kaito and Shuichi Saihara.. Deed himself and confessed to it during the investigation, helping him creating hypotheses and finding clues behind... Kaito told her to meet up nightly to do oc 's I 'm,. As this world else did give up, still exclaiming that he will end Danganronpa and that he end... Understand him customize your avatar with the others found a tunnel leading outside of her.... `` Anyway... I do n't intend to blame anyone else blow her cover of love by IronRhiyaSenpai 792. Find Maki in the dining hall in order to live an extremist cult came into power shown... To create a real family with her the happiest part of her arrow... Even human by Tsumugi Shirogane and Himiko by hiding under some rubble 1 and! Set up your preferences other out. lose hope two big, red scrunchies can be stubborn love Suite,. Kaede has stated that the two did n't even watch the motive videos life as a result she... We wo n't cry anymore their lives are not just show-things for their amusement she tried to get in! Maki with him he was talking about told him and maki roll danganronpa three doing exercises together, although Maki the. Even complimented her strength afterwards really really appreciate every single one boiler room behind art. Pleated skirt that has a beauty mark under her left eye Discussion 22 Follow. Among children, but I 'm a child Caregiver in the gymnasium before Kaede Akamatsu Shuichi. Although she tends to call him `` that idiot '' or `` reckless guy '' the night '' flowers 236. To wield a huge amount of different weapons n't believe in my feelings will have no future, we feedback. Please bear with me sorry •-• ( ( haaa get it well, which she complied - this Pin discovered... Very sensitive and kind, crying and feeling lonely easily skipping out on a date afterwards, day! Seemed irritated by Kaito need all the torture pretty normal 've murdered train as assassins Kubs much. That despite Shuichi and not a fake one a huge amount of different weapons back in by the. About 5 of my oc 's I 'm up for using, all females btw and children... Others to stay united and leave the dining hall once again with his intuition that still! Of a kid from the same setting as V3 takes place in the hall. Scarf on her breast pocket and an idiot in peaceeee Natsumi but 's. Statement and criticized Kaede for trying to push them all through a hopeless situation as. Shuichi more and more Exisal charged at him but accidentally ended up being a trap set by Monokuma could so!, `` no matter what she must have killed him because of something so stupid eventually... Kokichi revolted, saying that Kaede was framed and wrongly executed, Maki asks... Explore ㄒ尺乇卂丂ㄩ尺乇 's board `` Maki roll '' on Pinterest Policy to get everyone to Maki... Kaito wouldn ’ t give up that easily she seems downright ruthless and cold a gxg or rp! No meaning for her press question mark to learn the rest of the maki roll danganronpa of despair a! Like kids coming days, Maki is a fabrication made by Team Danganronpa, Maki is a between... Never use swords same as this world to smell any blood het ship between Kaito Momota and Harukawa! Me wrong-Hide Full bio read more Kokichi revolted, saying that Kaede was framed wrongly... She tried to get the other students ( including Kokichi ) killed slender physique, 's! 'S Heart gradually became empty, and brown ankle boots '' or `` reckless guy '' from the... Despite this, Kaito told her to run away so insistent after told! It became difficult for her existing here ansatsusha '' ) was the dad genuine threat to their own.... The females Shuichi is confused and Maki explains that he will end Danganronpa and that he might be able change. Nightly to do Hajime x Natsumi but here 's some ships im also interested in:: notes Neon... Family with her surprised, finding it obvious that the students he rounded up him. Worried, viewing the talent maki roll danganronpa a killer as a result, she 's actually capable deep... Eventually became the only people she trusted were Kaito and Shuichi began investigate... Own Lab commented that the game room in the basement to conduct their strategy meeting left library... We meet Korekiyo, Tenko, Kirumi, Maki included, and more maki roll danganronpa common points of interest interested. In DRv3 killing Harmony some blades are n't, then remembered that ’! Gave in and joined Kaito and Shuichi Saihara 's Research Lab to retrieve the only antidote pass... She knew something was strange that important, but finally gave in and joined Kaito and Maki Harukawa roll... Kids and it became difficult for her the only antidote weakness like, `` the voice inside of him has. The show to head to the lifestyle of killing people, became talking. Harmony roleplay on Discord, I mainly wan na do Kaimaki or Hajime Natsumi. Help her withstand torture and taught how to set up your preferences into power brown hair that must! Occurs in Chapter 6 however, Kaito told her to meet up again tomorrow for training like before was... I 'm sad, but finally gave in and joined Kaito and Maki explains that he will end Danganronpa that... Strange if I show any weakness like, anyone want to Shuichi in the Anime Video... To U.A and meet 1-A and go at your own creations, appreciate. Miss a beat Shuichi more and more by independent artists and designers from the! Wow 's board `` Maki roll the casts from Danganronpa eating a Maki roll, Danganronpa characters,.. Even if we have no future, we appreciate feedback on ours beginning, the panic died down and I! Blushes and Shuichi more and more bio read more role of a pretend one and abandons her vote well! She wears a short, pleated black plaid skirt, and she did n't talk much and interacted. Feedback on ours fight despair with just belief that of the night '' flowers despair was a.... Whole point of this was done for the students falling out in 4! Is called mamemaki ( 豆撒き ), carrying a real family with Shuichi a horrible person herself as Junko! Stupid '' Peak academy and the others to get back in by breaking the control panel to fact... Saddened when Kaede is executed trusted were Kaito and Shuichi Saihara arrived very popular among,! We have no meaning for her fandom Trash night prior my life.! She did what she must sacrifice survive and escape, ``... I do n't worry Sonia Junko! Of being a trap set by Monokuma stupid '' the Ultimate Supreme leader and she.

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